Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Another Day in Arizona

Feels good to have gotten up early and showered. Teri is gone to teach another cooking class at the school for 4h. I think I will sneak up there about noon and test it for them. Surely they won't turn down a starving old man. I have been mapping out the route between here and Fremont, Ca., a suburb of San Francisco. Jim Kanamota is swapping out our final drive for a lower gear. That will make the rest of our trip a bit easier. Will be heading to the Redwoods and on into Oregon from there. We are excited to see Jim and his wife Grace. We met them at GMC rallies. We are also excited to visit some folks, Fay and Bert Curtis, up in the Redwoods of Ca. We have not met in person, just via the internet and they have invited us to spend a day or two at their place. They too are GMC owners and sell specialized parts for these coaches. I have purchased some things from them. Then, we will head on up to more GMC friend's in Charleston, Or. Jerry and Rosemary Wheeler. I met Jerry through the GMC net and have bought stuff from him. We got to park next to them in Rayne La. at a GMC rally this spring. They have invited us to their home on the bay. It is just west of Coos Bay. From there, we will mozie on up the coast, looking at light houses and stuff. Will make it into Tillamook by the first weekend in August. Teri's family will have their annual reunion in a campground just out of Tillamook. Man, there is good cheese and ice cream there. Also a good place to buy beef jerky. Our plans then are to head over to Portland/Vancouver area. Teri's family live there. Have been invited to park at my cousin's on the Columbia River for a few days. It is very pretty there. Sharon and Allen Tiffany. We had never met until about 4 years ago when I looked up my great uncle's roofing company in the phone book and made a call. My great uncle Steve passed away a few years back but I knew his son in law was running the company. So, we got to meet Sharon at her work site, a museum on the Columbia River. We are excited about our stay there. Will cut out of there and work our way up the river to Teri's dad's, just west of Pendleton and stay a while. Have plans to visit another GMC friend in Idaho, Rob. We will then head east in more of a hurry so we can run by more GMC friend's in Omaha. Sue and Wally Anderson and follow them to the Fall GMC International Rally in Amana Iowa. We met Sue and Wally at a rally in Lousianna. So, you can see, we are only 1600 miles into a long trip. Hope you can follow along with us. We post a lot of photos, if anyone is interested, Leave a comment and I will direct you to where they are. Thanks for stopping by, I got to get out of here. Dan


At June 20, 2007 at 3:42 PM , Blogger Clyde Jacques said...

Enjoyed reading you blog, seems like you are keeping us up on everything. Did you get to sample the cooking at the "cooking School"?

Drive safe and stay in touch with us. It's really neat to read about all you are doing.



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