Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Necessary Items

What do we take for granted everyday? I suspect you can name several things, especially if you have had any break lately. Saturday morning I awoke to a cry from Teri that "there is water in the bathroom floor an inch deep". We were parked in a Flying J parking lot in Abilene, Tx. and it was cold. I tried to go back to sleep but that would not do for Teri as she had stored some things in the floor and they were wet. She was not a happy camper. I knew it was not sewage as that tank was empty. Hmm, wonder why I kept hearing the water pump kick on last night? So, I got up and looked. Sure nuff, clean water in the floor. I turned the water pump off, as it was supposed to have been already. We cleaned up the water and I did not worry about it anymore Saturday as we were up and going, trying to make a few miles before dark.
Well, Saturday evening it was time to be concerned about that leak. It was also time to have a functioning bathroom. I turned the water pump back on and in no time I found water in the floor again. Hmmm. Reached down and shut the water valve off to the commode and wiped up the water. Turned it back on and guess what, water is coming from between the commode and the floor. Shut water back off.
So, a broke commode. The thing sits there forever and does its thing. Then one day, while staying 40 miles from town, it is giving up. Oh well, we can use it by turning water valve off and on, for now. Spent the day bugging friends on the internet about what might be wrong and trying to figure out how to get the commode up from the floor. This is one of those things that is needed so I will have to get busy and get it fixed. But, not today.
Today was another rest day. Did not get any pictures. I wanted to get a picture of the mountain with snow on it but it was not visable enough for a good picture. Will work on that tomorrow.
Did have some good fortune today though. Our folding step lost one of two pins on our trip making it un usable. I wrote to Ragusa, the company, and they sent me a note today telling me that a new pin is on the way, free. Now, that made my day.
Everyone have a good evening and come on back when you can. I will get more interesting stuff to tell about soon.


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