Friday, June 22, 2007

Motorcycle Hauler

Alrighty, It is Friday, which means absolutely nothing to a retired guy, most of the time. I try to keep up with Sunday and Wednesdays and the rest really don't matter. However; today I have Teri back and that makes for a more interesting day, filled with surprises. Last three days have been rather boring with her gone. I think we are going to do some welding on the motorcycle carrier. My son in law has borrowed a welder. The carrier is way too flimsey. I got it on ebay and it was not as advertized. Have made lots of modifications to it already, before we left Dexter. Had to move the reciever, for the car, from bottom to the top so it would not drag the ground. Then, had to buy a better ramp so I could get the motorcycle up on it by myself. I just got a bad deal. Started at 100 bux. I got 300 in it now but I will have a good carrier when I get done with it. We have a rear view camera and I see that it rides just fine but could use some strengthening up a bit. I backed into a tree with it leaving my brother's house in La. That did not help it any, ha. Oh well, boring information to many of you, I know but this is my blog, I can write what I want. I have heard from several now that are reading this. Teri and I enjoy sharing things with our friends. This, and the photo site, is just a little way that we can do that.
I try to carry spare parts should something break on the motor home. I got a real good deal on a distributor, with all the trimmings, this week. I had a bad cap and rotor once and had a spare. Now I have replaced those and got the distributor, basically free, to boot. Got to wrap it up and find a place to stow it away. Hope I never need it. When we were coming in here I blew an air conditioning hose on the engine. We rarely use it but I turned it on in Deming. Was in a Walmart parking lot, waiting on Teri. Have not worried about it as we normally run the roof air when we drive if air is needed. The reason the line blew is because the previous owner kept spare keys hanging on the metal line. I left them there. Well, they finally wore deep enough into the line that the pressure popped through. Had freon everywhere. Will fix it later on the trip.
Well, we pull out Monday. The ole gal seems to be rearing to go. I fire up the engine every few days. She just wants to hit the road. I got the same feeling. I will miss our kids here but I am ready to move on. With us out here in the coach it is not like we are in their way. Most of the time they don't even know I am here. I don't want to wear out my welcome though. Been here three weeks now. You know the old saying about fish. I don't want to become like fish. We plan to be back this fall.
So, if you are family and or friends from back home, know that we miss you and look forward to returning. If you are friends on the road, watch out, we may be coming to your place soon. As always, thanks for stopping by. Dan


At June 22, 2007 at 9:33 PM , Blogger Clyde Jacques said...

Just finished catching up with you on the blog. Sounds like you are going to have a really good cycle rack by the time you get back to Dexter.

By the way, I am looking forward to sampling some of the "Western Fare" that Teri is learning to cook at that 4h cooking school when she gets back, maybe a the first potluck after you return.

So you seem to get a faint odor of fish blowing through the valley around Duncan, huh? May be time to mosey on over to the California coast, but the last time I was in San Francisco, you could detect a strong fishy odor there too. Maybe it was me, reckon I had been there too long??

Well, better not take up to much of your blog space, so I will sign off. Keep them e-mails and pictures coming, we really enjoy them.



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