Saturday, June 23, 2007

The Ranch

Well, I am a bit late today on my posting. I like to get out of the shower, read and respond to emails, and then get on here and let yall know what is going on. Today Cody, our son in law, wanted to take us out to the ranch. So, about 830 am, we headed out there. I guess its about 10 miles north on the blacktop heading to Clifton, then it is 6 miles east and north on some rough trail road. We climbed up about 1,000 feet to about 5,000. All of us loaded in the truck and were pulling a 4 wheel drive 4 wheeler in a trailer with hay and salt.There is an old farm house down in the vally. It is something else. I will load a picture later today. It is really hard to imagine that folks used to live back in there. I suspect the house was built soon after 1900 or so. Cody leases the ranch, 4500 acres and has 45 head of cattle on it. The old house is kept up and they stay in it when deer hunting and stuff. Have a generator and an lp refrigerator. It is some place. A couple of nice corrals .The photos that we took will not do justice to the place. I would say that it is about as remote an area that I have ever been to in my 53 years. It was fun but I am glad to be back in the air conditioned coach.
Cody braced up our motorcycle carrier yesterday afternoon. That should about take care of that thing. A can of black paint and it will look good and should not cause any problems. It is still light enough that I can handle it by myself. That was my goal, to keep it as light weight as possible. I can no longer lift much due to a problem I am having with my right arm. Doc says it is tennis elbow. I told him I no longer play tennis so it must be a mouse elbow from the computer. Whatever it is it is painful to try to use it to lift anything.
Well, I just got the lunch call. I appreciate those who have emailed me about the blog. Our scheduled departure date is still Monday. We plan to travel to Safford to worship services in the morning and then pick up a few things at Walmart. This will be my 1st trip to town in almost 2 weeks. Went 3 times the first week. 40 miles over there. We have several friends that attend the Safford church of Christ. I hope I can rinse some dust off the coach sometime tomorrow. It really needs cleaning up before hitting the road again. Thanks for stopping by. Dan


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