Friday, December 21, 2007

Surrounding Mountains

I wanted to share the mountains with you. We took these yesterday when we went to town for the parts and wood for the kitchen. The first three are of Mt. Graham, closer up. The other three are of the mountains just to the north and east. Those white things in the fields are cotton bales. Randy, in Seatle, asks what is our elevation here at our daughter's. It is about 3600 ft. Mt. Graham is 11,000 so it is about 7,000 ft higher than we are.
It is getting pretty chilli out again tonight. Tried to rain today but went south of us. It warms up in a hurry here once the sun comes up and is not unusual to see 75 or higher. About 70 has been the highest in the week that we have been here.
Teri and I worked on the kitchen all afternoon. We almost got the framework finished. It takes a lot of thinking and measuring. Then rethinking and measuring again to work inside a motorhome like our's. The walls are all curved so we have nothing to "square up" with. Teri is doing a great job. I just do what she tells me. This will look very nice when she finishes. The kitchen is the first thing visitors see when they enter our door so we want it to look nice. In fact, we want the entire inside of our coach to look better than new when we finish, that is our goal.
If you come back tomorrow evening you may see some shots of the kitchen work.
I appreciate you stopping and hope that you return soon. Dan


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