Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Grandpa's Buddy Loves Geocaching

Today it was Rylan's turn. He was not  letting his older brother and sister get anything on him. This 5 year old is a geocacher.

Off we went in the motorhome, down to the spring for water.

Ry always needs to check on our geocache here.

Off to Bernie. Rylan is using the gps and thinks the cache is in the tree.

I guess he was right. This cache belongs to Teri and me. We had to unload some of the "swag" from it. Was just running over with things folks had left. When I was Rylan's age I lived across the hiway from here. This was not a park then, but a big cotton patch.

Off he goes for the next cache.

And he found it too. The boy loves geocaching with grandpa. Grandpa loves geocaching with Rylan also.

Even though this was "our" day, we made time to check on dad, down at Rick's Machine Shop. Chris was tickled to see his number 3. There is a number 4 who is one year old.. Won't be long til he is a geocacher too.

Rylan aired up our tires before we parked the coach. The alarm kept going off so we knew we had some low tires.

Next stop, Sue's Drug Store for ice cream. Got inside and the soda jerk had quit. No ice cream for us today.

Well, we knew Save A Lot had Moose Tracks so we had to stop. Grabbed some chocolate chip cookie dough to mix in with it. Oh boy, this was good. But, hoping Sue gets a new soda jerk soon. Nothing like having ice cream at the drug store.
So, there you have it. We put a few miles on the coach and found some caches. What could be better? I will never forget my grandfather treating me like I was his favorite. Now I realize, he made us all feel that way.
Life is good,


At February 1, 2012 at 7:42 PM , Blogger carl s said...

Great post Dan. You should have talked Sue into letting you be the temporary soda jerk. I'm sure you would have done a great job! ;-)


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