Thursday, June 28, 2007

Cable Cars of San Francisco

Oh boy, what an evening. Unbelievable. For a kid off the cotton farms of Missouri, this was quite an evening on the town. It is a good thing that I do not partake of the wilder drinks of life, I would still be in the bed dreaming of falling off of one of those cable cars or worse yet, being smashed into by one of the trolley cars at the intersections on the hilly streets of San Francisco. This has been the trip of a lifetime for an old country boy. We visited the streets where Bullit flew up and over and around and around with the old Missouri boy at the wheel. That must have been some car. Karl Maulden and Michael Douglas used to jump on and off of the same cars we were riding. Lots of love birds around riding the cars with us, of the normal variety. We did not run into any real strange folks like I expected. I think we were shielded by our hosts. The salmon at the Fisherman's Wharf was as good as it is back home, wow. We could see Alcatraz out in the bay as the fog rolled over the famous Golden Gate Bridge. Sitting there eating our meal and just looking at all of the folks as they scurried up and down the streets looking and visiting the stores that were open until 10 pm. We walked 5 "short" blocks when we jumped the wrong cable car, trying to get back to our vehicle. My calves are killing me this am. There is no way our photos could have captured the reality of this place. Oh boy. I will try to post one later.
I guess I should share with Teri the fact that she is now famous because of her husband plastering all of this stuff about her on the internet. I must find the right moment to break the news to her.
Wednesday, during the "normal" part of the day, we did lots of work to the old motor coach. Replaced the final drive, Nick and Donnie did, with a lower gear so the towing of the car will be easier. Took off the old style air bag system, in the rear, and replaced with a more modern setup incorporating 4 bags in the place of the old two. Should give much better driveability, but I was looking for the safty aspect. Nick and Donnie did the work while I hung around taking pictures of them and Teri and Sam just hung out. Those two girls were very patient, being as they had been displaced from their home for the day. It was 6 feet in the air for most of the day.
We absolutely crammed two days into one on Wednesday. Then, we got lost on our way in this morning. It was nearly 2 am Ca. time when we got back to the coach. Wish I could share all of our photographs with everyone. I will pick one and pot it later today. Jim and Grace Kanamota are true friends to us, and to all that know them, I am sure. The good thing is we will get to enjoy their company next week at Bert and Fay Curtis' place for the Fourth of July celebration.
Come back by later, if you can. I promise to pick a good foto to put up on the site. No editing today so hope not too many mistakes. Thank for stopping by. Dan


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