Saturday, December 22, 2007


Take a look at what Teri and I have been doing for the last two afternoons. I would say we have 8 hours in this so far. Sure did not take this much time to rip out the old Kitchen. I will not do this for hire, so don't ask. This is some kind of job. Nothing is square in a motorhome. In a GMC the walls are curved. The floor curves at the edges also. So, we do what will make it look the best and be as sturdy as possible. The cabinet we took out looked good but it was not sturdy. It was built back in 81, about 4 owners back. The story was that they pulled this motorhome out of a young couple's chicken yard where chickens roosted in it. Well, guess what? Today Teri found a clump of chicken feathers under some stuff we were cleaning out. Now, the story has credibility with us, if it didn't before. This cabinet will be solid. If I want to set my fat butt on it I don't have to worry about it falling. The shelves will be solid and won't dump our things should we hit a bump in the road. The new microwave/convection oven is smaller than the old one so we will gain some room. I guess that will be our next undertaking. Trying to sit the oven in and framing that area. This is not a built in model so we will leave lots of air room for circulation and we want to be able to pull it out easily. I re routed the heating hoses to make more drawer room and still will move one of them some more when we get to town and get some more hose. We have chosen to not build in the burners. We purchased portable gas and electric that we will put out when we need. This way we have our choice of gas or electric, depending on whether we are using full hookups or not. This will give Teri much more counter top space.
So, there you have what we did today. Tomorrow is Sunday and we are looking forward to it. If you have suggestions for us on our rebuild, keep them to yourself. This is a do it as you go thing. Just kidding. Let us know what you think. This is about more room and making the interior more suitable for us. We are living in a 26 foot space and want to maximize our comfort. Hope everyone has a good Sunday. Dan


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