Thursday, December 27, 2007


Teri worked most of today on the kitchen. Here is a photo showing what will look like little progress but actually we accomplished a lot. As I have said before there is nothing square in a GMC motorhome so we have to figure things out as we go. Re-routed one of the heater hoses to give Teri more room for the oven. We worked til dark. It got too cold for us to safely operate the saw.

Cold and extremely windy today. It was so cold that our mascerator froze and would not operate intil 4 pm. For you non rvers that is the sewage pump. We do not use the gravity flow 3 inch hose. This is much easier and safer. Three minutes to pump the tank dry, unless you are froze up, ha. Don't even need gloves with this system and makes rving a lot nicer for me.

Ran the lp tank dry last night. That may be why the mascerator froze up, no heat on the floor. We didn't have time Wednesday to make a trip to the lp source since Teri made the trip to Safford with Stasha. Today it was too cold and windy so we are hooked to a bbq tank. That will last us a few days. We also have 2 trailer lp tanks available to us from our son in law, Cody. It is supposed to warm up next week so we will wait for better weather to get this coach out on the road. I did fire the engine today for a few minutes.
Thanks for the note Rick. I enjoy knowing that folks take a look at the blog. We enjoy sharing our days with friends and relatives. Only one more day until the weekend, for you working folks. I may re join you in the work force next year just to pay my taxes. Will look for you to stop by again later. Dan


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