Thursday, August 19, 2010

Geocaching Omaha

Have I mentioned that Teri and I have a new granddaughter? Oh yes, we have another healthy one born this week.
Stopped at Wally and Sue's. Did the geocache thing.Had to have a break and refuel. Nice little neighborhood resturant, close to the river.Here is where we found one.Oh yea, they were looking hard.One hid on this cannon in a cemetary.

Another one bites the dust.
I grabbed this one.
Wally holding one that he found today. See why some of these things are so hard to find?
Sue did not want to look at the camera so Wally took care of that.
We always have so much fun around Wally and Sue. they are our age and we enjoy much of the same things. We are sleeping in their GMC while we are here in Omaha.
Heading out in the morning. Should be home tomorrow afternoon. All 4 lane but not all interstates. Won't get in any hurry. Don't need any tickets.
Wally worked on a governor this morning and I have pictures. Will put them up in another writeup. Did not want to take away from that by posting with the real improtant stuff we did today.
Life is great. Thanks again for enjoying it with us.
Dan and Teri


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