Thursday, September 16, 2010

Helping Grandpa

Well, I ran into Colsyn this morning. He wanted to come over and do some work with grandpa. Hmm, I had to think fast. Ok, lets install the new emergency brake cable on the vdub.
Easier said than done. Check out our cheater bar, it is 10 feet long. Those axle nuts do not just come off with a ratchet and socket. 250 ft. pounds is a bunch. Then, we had to get it back on and tighten it back to 250 ft. pounds. All of that before and after I fished the new cable through and up into the car. Nothing ever goes as quick and smooth as it should. I finally took the brake handle off and that made it a whole lot easier.
This blog is getting harder and harder to post these pictures. Can not figure out what is taking place. Anyway, below Colsyn is checking grandpa's work. He had a little grease on him when I took him back to mom.
So, Colsyn wanted to do some geocache work. The first picture is where I put a cache yesterday. He just had to see it. The bottom picture is where Teri and I have plans for another cache. Colsyn helped grandpa check the coordinates again. We do them 5 times before placing the cache. Want to make sure we have them right before we post them on the internet.
Teri is working hard on her presentation still for the geocache fun at Du Quoin next week. I think we have 20 caches to hide when we get there.
I was told last night that the cotton picking starts Monday. We will miss part of it due to the convention. I really hate it. The cotton just came in way too early this year due to the hot summer.
I posted Armand's blog address on an earlier post this morning. Check it out when you have time. He has lots of good pictures of their travels.
Hope everyone is having a great week.


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