Friday, October 26, 2012

A Short Update

We got up to the GMCMI Convention and I was locked out of the blog. Ticked me off. Could not get into it no matter what I did. They continue to make changes and not all of them are good. We had lots of fun and visited with lots of friends, in Amana, Ia.
As you know, I love children. Maybe it has to do with my iq or something. I was blessed to have a grandfather that spent lots of time with me. He died when I was 11 years old, but he taught me a lot. I do my best to share the things I learned from him with our 16 grandchildren. Here, 2 brothers, Colsyn and Rylan, are geocaching with grandpa. We get lots of ticks and chiggars.

Locked up and ready to roll. We drove about 435 miles north along Old Man River. Our first run north of St. Louis on hiway 61. Great drive and 4 lane all the way to I-80.

A shot of some of the 158 coaches in Amana, behind the bug.

Guess who.

Jeff and Jon. Jon owns a GMC. Both own Vdubs and we met in Effingham at the big VW show a couple of years back. They live up in the twin city area of Mn. Came down for the day. Great friends.
I posted all of the Convention photos on the GMC site if you have not seen them yet.

Home and ready to take Spiderman for a ride.

This is one of grandpa's buddies. Nic is 4 years old. He lives just south of Nashville. We don't get to see him and his 3 sisters enough so we make the most of every minute together.
Nic's 2 year old sister has a cancerous tumor and is in St. Jude's in Memphis. She is doing well and we hope they can take it out soon. Teri and I have spent time running back and forth for the last two months.

2 year old Larsyn. He too loves hanging out with grandpa. Guess where we are headed.

Yep, his first visit with grandpa to the local drug store soda fountain. He is no different than the others. Loves that ice cream with grandpa.
So, there is a short update. Sorry it has been so long. I have more to post shortly on the Onan and other things. Thanks to those calling and asking about us. Also thanks for the prayers for our 2 year old granddaughter.


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