Saturday, June 1, 2013

Grandpa's Buddy

Oh yea, Colsyn shares grandpa's love of good cream. I say train "Train them up in the way they should go". Oh, that's not my quote, but I love it.

There is always a truck or two here. I like the ones that are done right. This one looks good.

Not my kind of paint job, but hey, I know the owner loves it. That is all that counts.

These early models are kinda neat.

My favorite buss. Double door, no windows.

Work being done this morning. They have just pulled an engine from a bus, not in picture, and are readying this brand new one to go back in the hole. I love watching this kind of stuff. My "list" for next year is growing. Done spent enough for this trip.

Bad to the bone.

Another paint job I am not fond of but I do like that they have readied this thing for the kids to enjoy.

There are about a half dozen of these here. All of them look great.
Well, the rain has moved south. Colsyn and I drank coffee at Mc Donald's after cruising the site this morning, looking at cars just now arriving. Then we ran to Walmart for the cream. It's not "death by chocolate" but very close. Colsyn picked it out. He did good.
Heading back out for more pictures. There is a couple in a bus parked next to our coach. They have small kids and are doing a lot of hollaring. Not my cup of tea. I told Colsyn about never hearing my parents hollar or even have a cross word. I was a sheltered kid when it came to that stuff. The only hollaring in our house was me when the belt hit my back side.
Catch you after while. We are gone.
Colsyn and Dan


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