Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A Great Day

Rylan spent the night with us last night. We had a geocache day planned out at Otter Slough, the duck hunting capitol of the area. But first, we had to fuel up the geomobile.

Here he is with our first find of the day. This was not a good one for me because there were 4 hidden here and only one was the "real" thing. Ry thought it was funny. I thought April was playing a dirty trick when she hid this one.

Number two.

Three. Four was a good one. It was hidden in a sign. No picture as it would give it away.

Ready to leave Otter Slough with 4 new caches. This put our total finds at 995.

Duck Blind. Must have been millions of ducks and geese. Was just a steady noise.
Well, we headed on home. As we planned our lunch we thought maybe 5 more finds would make this a special day. We ate our lunch and headed up toward Benton, 40 miles northeast for a chance to find those 5.

5 caches were all that were left in the area so we had to find them all.

The geomobile.

Ry was happy. We had just found 998.

999. We had to walk almost a half mile up a hill on a trail through the woods to get this one. I would have quit if I had been by myself.

One excited 6 year old. Ry loves geocaching with grandpa, especially in the rural areas.

Rylan thought he needed to get a picture of grandpa since this was a special number.

If you look close, there is the vdub. We were so glad to get back to it after that long walk up hill. The best part of the walk was knowing it was all down hill getting back to the car. We saw some wildlife. The best was a big buck and doe.

What better way to celebrate our 1000th find than with ice cream at the local drug store.
Oh yea, life is good making memories with grandchildren.


At December 5, 2012 at 7:42 PM , Blogger carl s said...

Good going! Congrats.


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