Friday, May 31, 2013

Effingham 2013 Bug Fest

Ready to roll. I watched the radar and tried to pick the best time to depart. Worked. No rain and a south wind that pushed us the 200 miles to Effingham.

We are rolling. My bud Colsyn and I having a weekend in the GMC.

We made it dry. But, oh did the sky open up after we got the bug loose from the GMC. Wind and rain most of the night. Dry so far today.

Check this out.

This bug has a bus brother that Teri and I have seen in Az, where this guy is from.


Land speed record for a 36 hp vdub, 114 mph.

Herbie is always here.

Can see whare everything fits.

A few for sale. Will be more today.

Oh yea, lots of parts. I even brought a few to sell.

Well, Colsyn and I are off to Nike Outlet. Had breakfast at Burger King. Think we will try something different in the morning.
Hope you enjoy the pictures. We will be back with a lot more.
Dan and Colsyn


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