Friday, October 26, 2012

Geocaching Old Man River

This was Nic's day with us Monday. His little sister is at St Jude's and we wanted to take Nic out to see the town. His older two sisters were busy with home schooling so it was just us three.

He just had his 4th birthday and is really a joy to have around. He is hyper with lots of good questions. His dad was not quite as inquizative at this age.

So, we headed down by the river. It was busy Monday and parking was expensive. We found a free parking area right on the river so we were off to geocache and see the sights.

Nic was looking over one of the caches. He is trying to figure out just what we are doing hunting these "treasures" that look kinda funny to him, and no money in them.

We ventured only a couple of blocks from the river.

Seeing these trollies really excited Nic. We did not have time for a ride. So, we are now planning a trip back to get Nic, and his older sisters, on the trolley.

One last picture of Nic next to a new monument. This is a tribute to a fella that saved lots of lives during a boat wreck back in the 20's.
Nic had fun but I think I had more fun. Teri and I enjoy our grandchildren. It is kinda rare to have a day with just one.
Thanks for stopping by. We grabbed 4-5 caches. Was not our primary thing but did help us show Nic areas that he has never seen before.
See ya soon.


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