Saturday, June 1, 2013

Saturday Afternoon With Friends and Vdubs

This has been a very relaxing time. Colsyn and I have enjoyed our time here.

Hanging out with Ashley and Jeff has been icing on the cake. Ask Colsyn about us test driving a new Volkswagen.

My friend Lou showed up and has his stuff out for sale today. He got here during the rain so this afternoon has been his time to sell. Think he is heading back to Chicago early in the morning. Lou helps me with problems from time to time, vial emails.

This afternoon has been great. The rain stopped about noon or a little before. We have actually had sun shine this afternoon.

You can buy anything for a vdub here.

Bugatti for sale. Yes, it is a vdub.

See the clouds in this picture. Kept things cool this afternoon. It was actually cold this morning when Colsyn and I started wandering around.

This is the prettiest blue I have seen on a vehicle. I wish you could see the depth of it in the photo.

Several nice Ghias here.


Took this shot for my buddy Jerry.

Lots of very nice buses here this year.

Check out this driver.


On a small pickup chasis.

Not sure of the count this year. It is down and I am sure because of the weather. Certainly glad we could come. Mike has done everything possible to accomodate for the rain and wind. I have never seen employees as nice as the folks, even while standing in the rain. I spent some time making sure I told Mike that. Made him smile. The more he makes the more he gives. I like that. Easy to tell the city of Effingham likes him and his buisness. Of course events like this bring a lot of money into town. Every where you go there are vdubs in town.
We have more to do tonight. Hope to leave very early in the morning. Weather will play into when we leave. I am not into driving in the wind and rain if I can wait it out, so we may postpone our departure.
As always, thanks for coming with Colsyn and me. We enjoy posting all the photos.
Dan and Colsyn


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