Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Testing The Point and Shoot

Well, I got this little point and shoot camera. Pretty much a wasted 28 bux. A good gift for one of the grandkids. Just washed the car and sprayed the mail man, hole in my brother's hose, he was not too happy, ha. Wanted to see what kind of photo it would take. Ok in a pinch I guess. I know you don't care if our car is clean but was the only thing I had to snap real handy. Also wanted to see if I could get my sister in law's laptop to upload pics. So, I may have the "Trace" on here tonight after all. Come on back when you get time. Teri and I have been busy helping my brother around the house while his wiffe is at work and the 4 twins are in school. THe grass looks real good. That was my part, ha. Teri is working in the kitchen. Her and Matt are heading to the store for something. Sam is napping so I may run around a bit myself. See what I can find. Have a good day. Matt is still hopeful for our laptop.
Dan In sunny Monroe, La.


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