Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Wow, what a ride this am. We got blasted most of the 130 miles down I-24. Rain was the worst when we arrived in Chatanooga and the trucks were stacked deep on the interstate. It was hang on hope for the best. The traffic was so bottled up down here I just stayed in the left lane and was passing most vehicles. I was ready to get to where we were going. We traveled with Fred and his wife who also are in a GMC. Was nice to have another coach running with us and having radio communication with them. We crusied about 65 and had some big diesel coaches passing us. Then, when we hit the BIG climb, just before Chatanooga, guess what? They were all in the right lane plugging up the hill at 50mph. We blasted right on by them at 60 mph or better. Same with the semi trucks. Bet they wondered what we had under the seat for an engine, ha. Anyway, we are here in the park in Chatanooga. Still raining but slowing down. Very warm here but seems to be cooling down a bit now. Could not get any photos on our ride due to the rain. We should have some pretty soon though as we travel around here in the car. Plan to be here until Early Sat morning when we will head south and west into Alabama for a couple days. Thanks for riding with us today. We needed all the eyes we could get. Dan


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