Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Chatanooga on Wednesday

The weather was nice today, pretty much perfect. I think rain may fall again tonight or tomorrow but will be scattered. These folks are way behind on they anual rainfall.
We pretty much hung around the campground today. Took lots of pictures of coaches and old friends that we had not seen in several months. Teri worked on crafts and cards while I took a trip to the Harbor Freight store with some friends. We may get out and about Thursday to see what is around here. We have a handout but have not looked at it yet.
Tonight we had a catered fried chicken meal. It was ok but the desserts made by the ladies were much better. Fried chicken is not on the top of my list as an adult. When I was a kid we had it every Sunday. I knew then that if I ever became an adult that I would only eat it when I wanted and that is not too often.
You can see that we are tucked in a nice spot here in the campground. I have outfitted this coach to be pretty much self sufficient so we do not need campgrounds. At todays prices I can use that money for fuel. Campgrounds are very popular and all of the ones here are full. I mean it is nearly November and you can not find a campground that is not full. Tells me folks are spending way too much money just for hookups to run the coach. Why not just stay home? I do not like to rough it, but we never do, even without hookups. We have plenty of electricity, water, and a sewer tank. Why am I paying campground fees? Well, because we enjoy visiting our friends who hold motor home rallies in campgrounds. So, occassionally I will pay up so we can visit. When we leave here Saturday we won't see any campgrounds again before getting home the following week.
Well, I guess I will run up to the main building and see what is shaking. Thanks for dropping by. We will take the camera if we tour the area tomorrow. dan


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