Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Grass Mowing

I forgot to take a picture of the yard before we started working on it. I mean it was looking rough. But, the neighbor's yards looked just as bad. I guess it has just been too wet here for anyone to mow grass and clean up the yards. I had to mow our's twice today, that is how bad it was. Teri pulled a bunch of weeds, you can see some of them before she bagged them up. I am hoping it will be warmer Wednesday and I can do some weedeating. It is nice to be home again. I will be ready to go again as soon as we get things cleaned up around here.
Tried to start our scooter today but it was too cold and had been sitting too long. I will roll it out into the sun tomorrow and let the metal warm up. It will start then. I don't know why there is no choke on it. I had no problems with the mower, it has a choke.

Here is one reason I get called the "king of wifi" sometimes by friends. If you look close, just under the tv antenna, there is a 2.4 mhz high gain directional set of stacked yagis. Works really good at 50 feet in the air. The Verizon wireless is doing a great job so I will be using it from now on. I like using the same internet setup in the coach, car, and house. Keeps things simpler. Just grab it and go.
Well, I hope everyone had a great Tuesday. I have a few things to accomplish Wednesday, like an oil change in the Vibe and getting it all cleaned up. It is really in sad shape. Thanks for dropping by. Will catch you later. Oh, don't forget, Teri and I are heading to Alabama next weekend. That will be a good trip and I will be with my brother at the Talladega Nascar Race. Good pictures, I hope. Dan


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