Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I Got Caught

Now here is a 5 year old boy that can talk hunting and fishing with the best of them. He is proud of this piece of meat even though his dad is the one who brought it home. Dad didn't shoot it either, his hunting buddy got it and passed it along. Dad killed 6 mallards though and Colsyn wanted me to see them first. I got a picture but won't upload it.

This little guy is some talker. He can stretch the truth really well when it comes to how big a fish was but he does have a bass hanging on the wall, at home, that weighed in around 7 pounds. He caught it. You can bet every visitor to his home gets a first hand look and hears the story of how it was a real fight to get the thing up to the bank. No doubt, he will be a hunter and fisherman. He loves the outdoors and thinks John Wayne is alive and well in Tucson. I hope I am gone when someone breaks the news to him about the Duke's passing. It seems that he believes grandpa and John are real life buddies and expects me to introduce him some day. Hmm, wonder how in the world he got that impression? Could it have been from his mom's dad, who also used to love hunting and fishing and riding those old horses with no saddle????

Well, it seems that Teri was browsing around on the internet and found the blog post of "my" room. The one with the kids dancing to the music. Well, guess what I am in for today? Yep, I must clean "my" room. How can it be "my" room if I am dictated to when and how I must clean it? Reminds me of when I slept in my dad's house. They called a room "my" room but I had to make the bed and keep it clean. My dad gave me a quarter a week to keep it clean and my bed made. For every day I missed, I was docked a nickle. Now, this is where it was kinda fishy to me. If I missed 7 days in a row, one week, I owed him a dime. What was that all about anyway? Glad Teri does not dock me like my dad did or I would be begging for food stamps.

Yall have a great day. Was good having you drop by but I must get back to cleaning "my" room now. So long.



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