Thursday, November 6, 2008

Just Around the House

These pictures I took standing in our yard. Colors are great this year.

Had trouble uploading pics and 2 from last week jumped in here. What can I say?

There you have it. The colors around our home here in Dexter. We live on Crowley's Ridge and have lots of trees. We also have deer running through town now. Deer seem to be everywhere. Almost as populated as rabbits now days.
I am thinking I may have to leave the VW yellow. I get so many comments about it. It is crazy. I will change the white pieces to black tho so it looks more like a bumble bee. What do you think?
Been house painting this week. Rained today so I have the day off. Nothing to painting the outside of a house. I can even do it and now have one more skill to add to my resume. Teri has been working on crafts for 2 or 3 weeks. She is going to a show Saturday in Sikeston. I hope she can yank some change from folk's pockets. We have an appointment Tuesday with an orthepedic surgeon. Teri has a torn shoulder and we need it fixed.
Hope everyone is enjoying the Fall colors. Thanks for checking in with us.


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