Friday, November 14, 2008

Figured Out

My friend Bill has it figured out. Look at these pictures. Staying at his son's on the Suwannee River, in Florida. Did not even need to drive his GMC from northern Illinois down. The rv is there waiting on him.

Look out Bill's door. Is not this one beautiful picture? Man, Bill has it better than I do. We drive our GMC to our daughter's and leave it. Bill gets to keep his home. Great to have family and friends that can help us spend quality time in such beautiful places. Rving does not have to take on large travel expenses. Cut those campground fees out and this is the only way to travel for extended periods of time.
There just is no other way to see and visit places in the United States for extended periods of time. I do hate to be called a freeloader, well, it don't really bother me, lend me your driveway and I will tell you some funny stories. Sounds like an even swap to me. Plus, you have the same opportunity and can come visit Missouri while sleeping in our driveway. Anything over 32 feet and we will need to get you on a lot, but I got one of them too, just no hookups there. I think FMCA has some kind of group that offers driveways to other members but I know it is not as good a setup as GMC motorhomers have. We are a pretty close knit bunch and are scattered all over the USA and Canada. Everyone is friendly. We work on each other's motorhomes, for free. Can't beat that.
I am not usually serious when I "beg" for a driveway. I don't hang out with folks that I am not aquainted with already. I do appreciate the email offers that come along though. Must get that clarified. I do have a friend that refers to me as a freeloader. Hey, that is ok. I have spent many nights on his hilltop property in Eureka California. When someone meets me and we get along good, I will come visit. What better way to see this country and Canada. Those campground fees are killers for poor folks.
If you are thinking about joining the rv ing ranks, and want to take extended trips, think about a GMC motorhome. They are made to travel, not sit. They will visit 6 but sleep 2, at least in my case. We are one of the friendliest motorhome groups out there. We have a support group like no other. All parts for these coaches are available. They drive like no other motorhome. I promise you will not drive one that rides like a well maintained GMC. Like riding in an airplane, with no turbulance. Should I say they are FAST too? Ok, I will. The land speed record for motorhomes is held by a GMC and they guy hit 103 mph, never shifted into high gear. They look cool too.
Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping to see Bill's home away from home.


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