Sunday, November 16, 2008

Remembering the Trips

Hey, look at the bug. Got new shades on the rear glass. This thing will be a slick ride when I get done with it. Have done a lot of work inside getting it ready to tow behind the GMC and make us a comfortable ride. Too cold out there today to mess with it much but did get the shades on. Tint on the windows will really make it nicer when I get around to it.

And, lookie here. A picture of our home sitting in Az, taken today. Often Teri and I are thinking the same thing at the same time. We laugh when that happens. But, today my daughter and I were thinking the same thing at the same time. Kinda spookie. I was here wishing I could see our motorhome and it popped right in on my laptop. Had a note with it, "I thought this would cheer you up a little", and it sure did. Thanks Stasha.
Been going through my pictures from our trip this past summer. I won't post them again but it sure is nice to recall the places that Teri and I have seen and the family and friends that we shared time with. Nothing can take those memories from us. I love making memories so that on a day like today I can recall them again. Rving is such a great way to make memories. The old GMC takes us places that we would never have seen. I would never have even thought that I would have seen these places and met all of these nice people.
Come January 1 we will start our 3rd year of sight seeing in the GMC. Ain't that something? Even while we had to pay 4.75 per gallon for petrol we were still having a "cheap" time, dollar wise. Now the fuel is back down to 1.83 here at home and we hope it hangs there for our next trip. The high fuel prices did put a big hole in my pocket but we made it and will get to enjoy another trip here very soon. I am telling you, there is no cheaper way to see this country than in an rv. The Columbia River reminds me of what the garden of Eden might have looked a little like, and we have stayed there twice, this year for a month. Wow. While the desert of western Az. and eastern Ca. will not look so beautiful, we are looking forward to some time in the desert this January. I am sure we will meet more new friends. Glad we have the solar system. It lets us stay in places that we could not without it, like Quartzsite, Az.
Well, the last Nascar race of the season just started. I better turn my attention to the tv. Sam is rooting for Jimmy Johnson. I'd kinda like to see Carl Edwards sneak in there.
Hope everyone is having a great weekend. Come back when you can.


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