Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Home Again

Teri and I dropped the bug off at the painter early Monday morning. Then we left it and drove over 550 miles in 10 hours. Not bad in a motorhome. Stopped twice for gas and that was it. I had to be at work Tuesday morning. They needed me Monday but did not make it. Folks were sure glad to see me Tuesday. As I have mentioned, I run a module builder. We have two of them running during the cotton harvest. Mine had to be handled by whoever was not busy Monday. I have not had time to take any pictures yet but I will in a day or two. We worked 12 hours today. Trying to beat the rain. I love what I do. It is very easy and a trained monkey could do it. Absolutely no responsibility, just as I like it. My biggest concern is safety. One can get hurt very easily on farm equipment. I have a closed cab so I am out of the weather. What else could I ask for. I get paid good to do something I enjoy and am around great family members all day long.
Well, it is 1 am, I must hit the sack. If it is not raining Thursday I will be up early and at it again.
Hope everyone is having a great week.


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