Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Duncan, Az.in a GMC Motorhome

We made it out here last evening about 6 pm Moutain Time. Teri took some pictures of our trip but I can't find the camera and she is not in here with me. Will get them uploaded later.
Sunday was a great day for us. the church in Roscoe treated us like long lost friends. We had a great morning service, potluck, then evening service just after we ate. Great group of folks and we hope to be with them again. Sunday evening we had the opportunity to visit with our friends Glynna and Russ again. We sure hated leaving their place. Just could not get enough visiting in during 2 days. Hoping that we can meet up on the road and camp together for a few days.
Teri and I got up at 6 am Monday, yes, I did. We quickly put things into traveling mode as we readied ourselves. Then we hooked up the Vibe to the GMC and off we went. We were gone before daylight, a few minutes before 7 am. Russ had looked at the weather all along our route for us. Everything was to be sunny all day Monday but as evening fell it was snow. so, Teri and I knew we needed to be off of I-10 at Lordsburg before that happened. We scuttled right along, 55-60 mph. We were the slowest ones on the interstate but that was ok. Not really, it killed me to let everyone pass us up but I knew it was good on the GMC to not be in a hurry. I did have to show a few folks up coming up the grade west of Las Cruces. I just can't stand for folks not to realize that this is a pulling machine.
El Paso was not bad. We got there about 1 pm. The traffic started picking up about 10 am and was heavy all day. So, El Paso was full of traffic. I just stayed in my lane and kept plenty of distance between us and whoever was in front. We made it fine. there was where I finally got the tracking system to start reporting our where abouts. That has been a frustrating thing for me. My friend Wally may have what I need and is sending it to me. That is a good serial or ps 2 gps hockey puck. I am tired of the cheap stuff I have . Got one good setup and it is in the Vibe. I tested it today and it is still working fine. WD0AFQ-1. That will let you see what we are up to while we travel around the Southwest in the car.
Pulled in and backed the GMC into the hole here and was set. got some good visiting in then off to a long awaited rest. 600 miles and 12 hours had taken its toll. I slept really well last night. Did not even think about getting up before daylight today.
Thanks for wondering about us. Sorry to be late with this information. The pictures will show up later.


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