Saturday, December 26, 2009

Riding Along in a GMC Motorhome

Oh yea, this is what Dexter looked like when we left Friday morning. Snowing like crazy. I was watching the weather and knew we would drive right out of this, and we did. Ever seen a closed Walmart? We saw a lot of them as we traveled on Christmas day.
Just a few pictures of flooded Arkansas.

The farther south we got the worse it looked, all the way to, and including, Little Rock. Lots of real damage from the water.

Teri and I even had a closed road due to water. We had a tight turn and made a 4 miles square to get back onto the right road.

Ok, you heard me complaining about the detour in Little Rock, well look at this. What you see here is north and southbound interstate traffic routed through regular neighborhood streets. It was a real mess. Stop light, stop signs, and no signs. People shaking fists at each other. One bridge had water hitting the bottom of it. If they closed it after we got through I don't know what the traffic did. Stop I guess. Someone needs to be fired over this mess. If I was a local I would be at the state capitol every day until something gets done.

Sun set just north of Texarkana.

Busting Dallas wide open this morning. We went straight through on 30.

Here is Ripley's place.

Six Flags in Arlington.

Not me, I am not riding this stuff.

Out near Abilene we ran into what was left of the snow.

There was about 40 miles of real snow. Lots of cars still in the ditches.

More snow. We timed this trip perfect because we have friends here that lived through the storm and kept us advised.

We were taken to supper tonight by Glynna and Russ. they got us parked here at the church building. We went over to their 5th wheel after supper for a visit. they just got this new 5th wheel and we had not seen it. Really nice. It is just like home in there. We really liked it but enjoyed our visit more. We hope to visit more Sunday after church services. There is a potluck. Did we time this right, or what?
The tracker is working but wont show up until we hit the interstate Monday morning. We have 600 more miles to go so you can ride with us if you wish. We are enjoying some much needed down time tonight. Can't wait for services in the morning. Will get to meet a lot of nice folks and eat lots of grub.
Thanks for keeping us company.


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