Saturday, December 26, 2009

Roscoe, Texas

It is such a beautiful day here. We saw signs of the snow but it was off the roads. I am thankful for modern weather stations. By waiting one day Teri and I have missed it all. The wind was rough in Arkansas but that has been our only weather related issue.
We stopped in Sweetwater and took on fuel. We should be ready to roll when the mood hits us. Have a very nice over night spot here at the Church of Christ in Roscoe. Our fulltime friends, Glynna and Russ are here visiting their daughter and arranged this place for us. We were all set up by 2 pm or so. Sun is feeling really good. Teri and I poured 10 gallons of water in our tank so we can take a shower in a bit. We are going out for supper with Glynna and Russ. WE have had a few visitors sop in to see if they could help us, members of this congregation. When we tell them what we are here for they get a big smile. I can't wait for services in the morning so we can meet everyone.
The battery died on the car this morning so we had no braking power from behind the last 10 miles. That is not good. I put the charger on it long enough to crank the engine then let it run for an hour. Will throw the charger back on when we get ready for bed. We are plugged into a 15 amp outlet and I dont want to throw the breaker. I guess it is time for a new car battery.
I am too tired to post the pictures but will get them up later. Lots of interstate traffic today. We hustled right on through the middle of Dallas/Ft. Worth about 9 am. Not a problem but was a good bit of traffic already at that time. Won't go through there during the day as it it always stop/go and that is 70 miles straight through all of that mess.
Don't give up on the tracking system. I am still working on it. Maybe I will have it running when we pull out of here.
Have a great weekend.


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