Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The GMC Motorhome is Ready

It is a real crapshoot on the weather. Rain and wind with cold temps. Hmmm. Will have to make the best educated guess we can and get gone. Eastern Tx. and all of Ar. is a mess tonight. That should blow through tomorrow as the winds are going to be really high speed. Temps will drop Thursday night and be down all across Texas, the whole 800 miles.
The GMC is packed. Will turn it around and hook the car to it tomorrow after lunch. Will wait and see what is happening. Might take a nap and think it over. It looks like it is either go or wait til about Monday. I guess there is no rush. With the temps being cold we will not have water in our tank. Will carry water in our water jugs, that Teri found, inside the coach living area.
We ran into this same thing last winter but we were traveling in the car, not the GMC. Waited until 230 pm on a Saturday and made a mad dash. I drove straight through, by myself as Teri was sick. 1400 miles in 21 hours. It was a real storm but we got through it just east of Little Rock. Maybe we will be as lucky this time. The wind is a killer when it is blowing against you in a coach and it will be. Oh well, think I will head to bed and see what things look like in the morning. If you see the little tracker moving you will know we hit the road.


At December 24, 2009 at 12:02 PM , Blogger John said...

I've been watching the weather channel and thinking about you. It's supposed to be pretty nasty. I hope that you get a window of clear weather so that you can make your dash South.


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