Thursday, December 24, 2009

The GMC Motorhome Sits

Yep, right now I am waiting for the rain to slow a bit so we can hook the Vibe to it. Have to move the Vdub around also to get it up against the garage door. It will reside there, watching guard over the place until we get home. It will be "musical vehicles" trying to get everything rearranged in our driveway. No big deal except it is raining hard. I checked the radar and looks like the end of this is about Little Rock. May or may not get gone tonight. Our good friend, Russ, called early to let us know they had 4 inches of snow in Sweetwater. That was not good news. The snow was not supposed to get that far south. Waiting is no big deal except the temps are predicted to be dropping. 50 plus degrees here now. 30 is not going to feel good. So, we shall see. When you see the blue vehicle heading southwest on hiway 67 you will know we shoved off. Don't forget the link at the top of the page.
We had a really nice visit with our daughter's family this morning. Swapped gifts with them and had a very nice lunch. We will really miss those kids this time. They have really grown, ages 3-6. All of them are spending a lot of nights with us and I know they will miss that. We have lots of fun over here, especially while Teri is out. I try to get the kids to clean things up and get everything in order when I know its time for grana to get home. So far, has worked really good.
So, merry xmas eve to everyone. Hoping we are the only folks on the road, through Dallas/Ft. Worth, on Christmas day.


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