Sunday, April 25, 2010

What a Ride, In A GMC Motorhome

Today has been a day. the transmission keeps kicking down to 2nd. Just got off the phone with my friend Ken. He gave me some pointers. I think I can fix it. It only has 3,000 miles on it so I know I can fix it.

If you look real hard you will see Teri in there.

We geocached once we got off of the interstate.Picked up a couple and it was church time. Stopped here in Cowan, Tn.

Here is Teri grabbing one from the poison ivy. Better her than me.

This girl is serious. She is right out there in a farmer's yard grabbing this one.

Nice old train depot. It sits on the old hiway and we would never have seen it if not chasing these caches. Lots of neat stuff just off the road.

Now, see why you need a good hand held gps? The coordinates need to be right on to locate these little suckers. I hate the little midgets. Ammo boxes are my style. Don't need my glasses for them.

Click this picture up and see what I found out in the woods on this creek. Teri was not happy with me shooting these love birds but hey, they were right out in public. At least they had their clothes on.

Now, what does this look like? Well, I almost had a wrecker on the way then this guy came by and Teri flagged him down. I was turning around and backed too far into the ditch. this old Bronco tugged us right out. Sure glad I paid the preacher this morning, ha. Glad I had a good looking woman with me too. He might not have stopped for me. I gave him 10 bux. He did not want it but he looked like he could use it.

In the rocks again.

This is a cool monument in Savannah.
Listen to this, the hiway had fallen in after the hard rains last night. Hiway 64 was closed and we were forced to drive 15 miles out of our way to get around and into Savannah. What a day.

Neat path in a park in Crump, Tn.

Selmer, Tn. We were trying to beat darkness on this one and then it came a flood. We got wet on this one. Got it quick, I was glad. Those dots are reflections in the rain. It was really coming down. We were in a real downpour last night so I wanted to be dry tonight. I could see north of Selmer we would be dry, so after this cache we took off and got out of the rain. We are parked for the night just south of Henderson in a graveyard. No one can see us from the road. A great place to park.
Hated to leave our friends this morning but we hit the road about 8 am CDT so we could get a good start before we stopped for church. Worked out well. We have 150 miles to go and a lot of caches to find. As long as we get home by dark I will be happy.
This has been a great 5 days in the GMC, even with a couple hiccups. Don't tell anyone I ran the coach off in the ditch.
Watch our tracker tomorrow. I am off to the tv. Need to find out who won the race in Talledega today.


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