Thursday, April 22, 2010

Calhoun Ga. in a GMC Motorhome

Not a good picture of the building where we stayed last night but it gives you a sense of its age. I had intended to get a good picture this morning but we left in a hurry. Teri woke me up at 830 am. While I was in the shower there were two mowers that fired up. I jumped out and we took off as soon as I could get my clothes on, waving to the couple that we met last evening. This was a great find.Our first find of the day. Yes, that is my best friend crawling into that big rock. She nabbed it.

On our second hunt of the day.

This hiway 64 is a great ride across Tn. We loved it. Most all of it is now 4 lane but the pace is slow and laid back. We drove 50 mph a lot of today.

Just one of the sights from today's trip.

I just hit the "back " key and deleted one of my pictures. We found a place making whiskey while we were back on a little narrow road, off of 64. I guess it was legal. They were in an old school building and had a sign out front. Was about 15 miles south of Lynchburg.

64 bypasses the little towns now but Teri and I did not take the bypasses. We drove right through town. I even got run off of a truck repair place by a lady. No sooner had I turned the engine off out she came. I just fired it up and parked in the Dollar Store lot. They were much friendlier.

Click the sign, below, and see if you can read it.

This shot was taken after we climbed the mountain just prior to getting on I-24.

Oh yea, these little critters are out.  I picked up a rock and there he was.

The GMC did not even huff or puff as we climbed this mountain. I would not tow the Vibe up this thing, 2 lanes only.

Sewanee, Tn. A great place here for geocaches. The place is eaten up with them. We only chased down 3 here. Maybe we will grab a few more on our way home.
The weather was just great. Overcast and a few sprinkles. We enjoyed the ride and then we had to get on I-24, I hate interstates in the GMC. Did 90 miles on interstates this afternoon, getting to Calhoun. We are parked for the evening and will head to the rally early in the morning. The tracker was on. Go check our route when you have time.
Thanks for riding with us today. We enjoyed your company.


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