Monday, September 27, 2010

GMC International Motorhome Convention 2010, Fall

Tonight was the chili cookoff. Check out Teri's display. She really worked hard on the display and her chili. We won't know until Friday who won. there were almost 30 contestants. I was her main cheerleader tonight.
What is unusual about this motorhome? Well, there is a car inside. Also, this is just a block of wood that will race tomorrow night. One of the more fun things we do is race these little pinewood derby GMC motorhomes. I will get pictures tomorrow night.
I like this bag.
One of my friends' coach. He wants to sell it. Says he can no longer operate it due to health problems. I went to his home yesterday and drove it up to the convention for folks to look at. He and I used the same painter. His is super slick and he has a matching Suzuki that goes with it.
Now, what is this? It is hauled inside of a GMC motorcoach by my friend Randy from Aberdeen, SD.
This is a freshly painted coach that belongs to another of our friends. John. He lives in Tx. Lots of Tx. folks made the trip.
This is one of the best conventions that Teri and I have attended. We have 175 coaches here. Du Quoin is pretty cental to a large number of GMC motorhome owners. The fairgrounds here are just great.
Teri gave her geocaching talk this morning. Sunday night she was out past 1 am hiding caches on the grounds. Last night she was out after midnight double checking her coordinates. there were 21 caches hidden and folks will look for them this week. We will take them down Friday and plan to hide most of them back home around Dexter and Bernie.
So, there you have it. Monday has been an absolutly great day. Temps were cool all day. We have had to run the furnace Sat and Sun nights.
I got to go. We have another ice cream social tonight and I am the head dude in charge of the ice cream.


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