Thursday, September 23, 2010

Another Day, Another Dollar

 Well, it is a lot more than a dollar. My cousins pay us very well. We have a lot of fun out there. No one gets mad. Everyone is pleasant to be around. My cousins only pick pleasant people to help them. That says a lot for them. Reed and Wafe Burleson.
Here is a shot of what Teri and I built today. We made 14 of these after lunch.

Reed and my lovely bride.
Here is one of the big boys.
I want to take this one for a spin. It looks like a fun machine to me.
Getting ready to move to another farm, early this morning.
Yes, we taught Teri how to run one of the module builders today. She was fast to catch on. Been a little shorthanded the last two days so this afternoon Reed told me to teach Teri how to do this. She had it down in nothing flat. I am sure she will do this all day tomorrow and Saturday also, if it does not rain.
Yep, they are calling for rain tomorrow. If it falls, we are heading straight to Du Quoin for the GMC motorhome convention. We will be there all of next week.
Oh, Melanie is bringing our grandchildren out in the morning to see what Teri and I are doing. That will be fun to have one sitting beside me while I build a module.
Just wanted to show you a few more pictures of what we are doing. Not really work when we have this much fun.
Will send more pictures when we get to Du Quoin. Will head up there Saturday night if it does not rain.


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