Sunday, May 20, 2012

Malden/Bloomfield, Mo. Car Shows

Well, Colsyn and I got up early Saturday and headed out. Had 2 car shows we wanted to attend. The first one was in Malden, Mo. We rolled up in the vdub.

Several bikes showed up.

Always lots of 65 and 6 stangs.

Sweet Baracuda.

Usually several trucks show up in Malden. It is a farming community at the top of the bootheel in Missouri.

We saw several antiques.

John Deere green.

Malden has tractors in their shows.

Can you believe this hybrid showed up? A dealer had it. I saw 37 mpg on the window sticker and 39k for money. Does not make sense to me.

Now, this one was really pulled green. It had a pto but I am not sure it would run a bushog.

These are what we come far, hot rods. Not many out this morning.

Several trikes. The one on this side had a type 3 fuel injected vdub engine that had been converted to a carb. First time I have seen one of these.

This 66 showed up right before we pulled out of town.

My buddy Rick owns this sweet T-bird.

Look at the leather Rick has inside. It is nice.

So, that was it. We rolled out of Malden and headed 25 miles north on hiway 25 to Bloomfield. They are in a shady park and it is hot today.

 This is one nice 57. The first car that caught our eyes as we rolled into the park.
All 4 of these belong to one man.

Check out that dog.

A very sweet 56.

57 2 door sedan. I used to own one of these back in the day.

And, as we were pulling out, here came a 210 wagon. It was nice and lives just north of Bloomfield.
These two shows were not what they normally are. there was a big show 40 miles south in Arkansas. We almost drove down but it was hot. The draw of an air conditioned home was just too appealing.
Thanks for dropping by. We will be heading to Effingham, Il. to the big vdub show. Towing the car and sleeping in the GMC. Life will be good.


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