Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Still Kicking

It is amazing. The older I get the smaller the things are that excite me. Check out my dash in the Vdub. I put the white face on my speedometer so it now matches my other white faced gauges. I like it. If you look a little closer, you can see the new aluminum knobs I got today for the lights, wipers, and ashtray. They match my aluminum gauge and glove box covers. Look again and you will see I even have a rear view camera with display mounted where the radio delete plate is. The kids love that. Can almost see the guy behind us picking his nose at red lights, ha. Time? Oh yes, see my modern clock. My cousin gave that to me and I found it works best in the bug.
Not really much happening here as I am sure you have figured out. I did pick Teri up at the airport a couple of weeks ago. She got her father moved home and he is doing really good. We continue to have lots of grandkids hanging around our home in the evenings. Have a trip planned in the GMC in 3 weeks. Towing the Vdub up to Effingham for a big Volkswagen rally. This will be my third one in a row. 800 Volkswagens in one place is a lot of Vdubs. Our 7 year old granddaughter is going with us on this trip.
So, that is about it here. No geocaching, been busy with other projects. Here is one of them: I have had a problem with the steering on the Volkswagen ever since I got it. Took it to a frontend shop and they made it worse. I have asked lots of questions and layed under the front end a lot, trying to figure out why it would not turn to the right, unless I had a football field. Well, the tie rods were not centered on the steering. I finally tore the thing apart myself. Moved one side in 6 turns and the other side out 6 turns and now I have the steering centered. Will turn short either way now. Just because I paid a frontend shop a lot of cash did not mean a thing. Some things I just need to do myself. Now I have a much better understanding of the frontend on this thing.
Ok, hope everyone is doing ok. You need LED lights, I have the best.


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