Friday, March 30, 2012

GMC Motorhome Group Tour

Look at the hole in the ground here. As you know, most of the GMCers are car guys. We often get together for tours of museums when we have conventions. Well, we found a unique one here in Shawnee. Pickers are going to love visiting this place. Not only are there cars but lots of old bikes and pedal cars. Some real bad boy toys here.

Check it out. This was a water reservoir built in 1923 for the city of Shawnee. It would hold one million gallons of water that was pumped into town. They abandonded it in 1943 and sold it. A door was cut in so cars could be driven in and out .The present owner has been collecting cars since 1958.

Check these out.

We were fortunate to get in here. About 50 of us came out this afternoon.

This picture gives one a better idea. This is underground.

Some nice ones outside too.

What year is this one?

Motorhome. Do you recognize the brand of truck?
One more night and we will cut a trail for Mo. Having ice cream tonight, then leave early in the morning. We hope to take a couple of days getting home. Heading up some back roads through Oklahoma into extreme SW Mo. Ride with us if you have time.


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