Friday, October 26, 2012

Iphone Battery

If you look close you can see hairline cracks in the back of this phone. What you can not see is that the back of the phone is also pushed out, in a perfect imprint of the battery inside. On the screen I noticed somthing that made it look like it had pressure from behind. Was a small area in the middle of the screen.
Battery was swelling up. Still charged and held a charge but this baby was about to blast off.
A friend of our's gave me an Iphone 3 back a few months ago. I love that phone. Tore it apart to see what it was made of. Read up on everything I could find online. Very tedious work but I have the tools and a large magnifying glass.

When I took the last screw out of the motherboard the thing just popped. This is what the flat battery looked like when I got it out.

So, keep an eye on your's. This one is a 3gs 16 gb.
Also, I have noticed the used prices of Iphones falling since the 5 came out last week. If you are interested in an Iphone, and have ATT, you can get one for 100 bux or less if you watch. Buy the 3gs, not the 3g. the gs is faster and does more. I enjoy working on both of them. Everything can be repaired unless the motherboard is bad. Do not buy one that has water damage. A new battery is about 10 bux and takes about 30 minutes to replace. You better know what you are doing though as the battery is in the bottom of the phone. Everything has to come out. You can also replace a cracked glass. Buy the one with digitizer built in. They run about 40 bux and take 10 minutes to replace. Study up before you open one of these phones. Lots or them are for sale that people have tried to repair and did not know what they were doing.
Teri and I love the Iphones.


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