Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Birthday Boys

 Colsyn turned 10 Tuesday and my birthday is today. So, we spent the weekend together last week and hit the Sherm Smith Classic Auto Auction on Saturday.
One of the auctioneers is also on the tv shows that we watch. He was auctioning cars on Fast and Loud this week.

This auction is quite a deal. There were about 250 classics and hot rods to be autcioned, starting Friday evening.

Folks come from all across the USA to this auction. They had a couple working the floor from Barrett-Jackson. Many of these cars will also, or have already, cross that block out in Arizona. There were at least 6 vdubs. This one did not bring the reserve. It was bid up to 6600 and died. Many of the vehicles had no reserves and went on to new homes.

I have known Sherman for a long time. He is a good guy who often gives folks second and third chances in life that really dont have anywhere else to turn. I saw several ex drug addicts working the floor and I believe they only cleaned up their act because of Sherman.

Most of these vehicles were pristine.

Nomads are always a favorite.

Double Cab and it looks great. Would hate to buy fuel for it though.


Oh yea, this 66 Olds Toronado was there. Looks like the first car I saw as a kid smoking its front tires. My dad laughed when I told him.He knew about the car, I did not.

Trucks were a hot item at the aurction. Of course camo is favorite color for Colsyn.

Elvis was here.

We did not stay for most of the auction but did watch a few go through. 
Was a great weekend for us two guys. I always enjoy having grandkids hanging around.
Hope you enjoyed the cars. Colsyn and I certainly enjoyed grabbing the pictures.


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