Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Some Shots Around Wally's Place Today

Not only did Wally and I accomplish some things today, Teri cleaned the inside of the coach while we worked outside. Got all of that North Dakota tar off the driver's side of the coach. We ran a heavier set of wires to the new refrigerator for 12 volt operation. Worked on a broken switch I had under the dash. Wally built us a little bracket to keep the door open. Tightened the bolts on the transmission pan and on back of the tranny. All of them were loose. All of that was after we spent the morning at Sam's club and a craft store Teri wanted to go visit. Take a look at Wally's garage. He maximizes his room in there. The lawn mower is not the only thing hanging from the ceiling. There is a table saw, an air tank, and much more. He keeps everything in order around his place. Look at the big sun flower he built. Also, his roof holds several antennas. And, that metal storm door, he made two of them for the doors on his home. No thief will come in through the doors. Wally has every tool I can imagine. We had a couple more projects for today but I asked him if we could hold off til Wed, oil change, check tranny fluid, timing light, and tighten the belts. We should stay busy. Tonight, Sue took us all out for more fish. Catfish fillets, one of my favorites. The Salmon of the midwest, ha. We then crashed the Dollar Tree and hung out there until closing time, 9pm. What a day. Weather was just perfect. Teri and I will pull out in a day or two for Amana, Ia. Wally and Sue will meet us there a few days later. We have lots of friends coming to Amana and it will be good to see all of them. Thanks for coming by. Oh, thanks again for all of the emails. I love hearing from those that read the blog. Dan


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