Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Stars and Stripes, Bloomfield, Mo.

I have never considered myself a Civil War buff. As I posted last fall, I have grandfathers that fought in the war and one was killed and buried in Columbus Ms. Our family is pretty patriotic and we love the USA. My dad was a Korean Veteran, I served in the US Air Force, along with my youngest brother, Matt, and my son, Brad. We do not appreciate folks who degrade our country in public, but they have that right because folks have fought to keep that right for them. We support the soldiers no matter where or which branch they serve in.
Teri and I have some history right in our back yard and we wanted to share that with you. Bloomfield, just 6 miles north of us, was the home to the Stars and Stripes Military Paper. It was published here for the first time in November 1861. This paper continues today for our military men and women. We have a museum here and there is a Veteran's cemetary. Here are a few shots. The museum is free to the public.

The US boundries in 1865 are depicted on this map.

A preserved copy of the first newspaper from 1861.

Shots of the Missouri Veteran's Cemetary next door to the museum.

Now, just north and a little east is a Civil War cemetary and monument. Should you visit the museum, ask for directions. Not 5 minutes away from the museum.

As you can see, there is a Confederate flag. This area is full of battle sights and was on the Confederate side of the war. Missouri was border state but fought for the south. They even moved the state capitol to Texas during the war. The state capitol, in Jefferson City, has one of the nicest museums that I have ever seen and lots of information on the Civil War also.

Confederate gravesite just a mile east of Bloomfield, Mo.

Our oldest grandson in Logansport, In. is doing a paper on the Civil War. Tyler is in the 5th grade. He and I get along very well. He asked me for a piece of Civil War memorabillia. I have several bullets from the war but I can not locate them. So, Teri and I took these photos for Tyler and hope that he can use them for his paper. I was also able to send him our family tree so that he could show the class that he has grandparents who fought and died in the war.

I will end the day here just as Teri and I did our trip. Must always check out the poor man's mall. I picked up plenty of trailmix for Sam and me. Ran over to Sikeston for this shot.
Hope everyone has a good day. It is windy here but sunny and 82 degrees. My kind of weather.
Come back when you can. Our life is rarely boring.


At May 2, 2008 at 6:54 PM , Blogger James B. said...

Hi Dan an d Terri!,

Nice shots, I'm embarrassed to say I've lived 30 miles from Bloomfield for most of my life and did not know it was the home of S&S till 2 years ago. Lot of history in this area.

Keep safe and have fun!


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