Tuesday, September 28, 2010

And, The Winner Is.......

Oh yea, my lovely bride cooked the best chile, according to the tasters. Also, she won 2nd in the presentations. Joe Mondello won first for his presentation. Teri is shown with her winning basket of goodies. While I did help her serve the chile, she cooked it and fixed the presentation. They made me walk up with her since it was supposed to be a couple's thing but I did not do the work, Teri did. I had to sit and smell this stuff cooking every night for a week until she had it just like she wanted. I was the taste tester and kept telling her how good it was but it needed to be a little spicier. What did I know? Her's did taste different than most. It was a Southwest chile and she used pork. I knew I liked her's the best but I did not get to taste all of them. It was a lot of fun and there were 26 entries I believe.
Tonight is the GMC Pinewood Derby. I took some pictures but they were having trouble getting the computer running. Teri and I had to run some errands and it was hot in the main building so I did not watch all of the races.
We are having some excellent seminars. We have had a couple of really good fuel injection talks. Randy and George did an excellent job today. While I have fuel injection on our coach I am gathering parts to upgrade the system. Their talk today really helped me. Lots of fo;lks have put in lots of time in preparing seminars. I really appreciate what they do to help educate us on new and improved features for our coaches.


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