Friday, March 11, 2011

Venturing Out From Our GMC Motorhome

Teri and I do almost everything together. This morning we had a tv to repair over in Safford. Took about 30 minutes then we had the rest of the morning to do what we wanted. Look at the picture. This is a must see place when you get to Safford. It is 2 blocks off 70, to the south. Just stop and ask anyone for directions to the Tortilla Factory.
When we arrived to make our purchase , the workers were on break. The boss lady told us if we could wait 10 minutes she would give us a tour of the place.

Yea, I can wait. I just knew we would get a sample. Look at those things roll along.
As you might guess, it is warm in here. Would not suggest that you tour the factory in August.
These ladies are flouring the dough balls, before they are passed on and flattened out.
This is why they need no heat on a cold day. The tortillias pass through this fire.
And, here is our "freebie". Wow, was it ever good. Teri gobbled her's before I could finish mine and look like a begging puppy. Right out of the oven. mmmmm good.
You never know what is right around the corner. I try to always be on the lookout. Teri knew about this place. I would never have noticed. And, always play the tourist thing up to the max. It often gets you little "freebies".
Well, hope everyone is excited about today being Friday. I am back home and off the road. Come Monday morning we will roll east and take the scenic route across Tx, over to Kingsland. This will be a two day journey, 700 miles. We hope to meet up with Jerry and Rosemary early, down on I-10. They too are traveling in their GMC coach. Long time friends but we have not seen them in a couple of years. We can't wait.
Ride with us Monday, wd0afq will be the tracker.
Enjoy your weekend and keep the folks in Japan in your thoughts and prayers.

Oops, nearly forgot. Volvo, 60s to early 70s.


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