Sunday, February 27, 2011

Living in a GMC Motorhome

So, what is so cool about living in a motorhome? No matter where we are, at night, this is home. We certainly enjoy seeing the different things across our great nation. We park the GMC and jump into the Vibe GT. That thing gets us over 30 mpg most of the time. We live cheap once we arrive.

We were out enjoying the scenary last evening as we were on our way to friends' home. Look what we ran onto.

I love nice looking chop tops. This is one of them. If I could afford to pay a good body man, our Vdub would have a little chopping done on it.

So, what is this?

Do you see the difference? This is part of our steering. If one cuts the wheel too far to the right this can happen. One of the grease fittings comes into contact with the frame and off it snaps. John loaned me an ease out and I got the broken one out. I have some in the coach but can not find them. So, I guess off to a parts store for a new one. It is very important on a GMC coach to keep the frontend greased. I do it every 3000 miles. Nasty job. Well worth the trouble though.

Ok, now what? John twisted a fitting off for the return trans cooling line. "Give me an ease out John". I had it out in 10 seconds. John had one and I had one copper washer left to insert. Life is good.

Is this a good looking crew or what? Carol, Armand, and me in front of some of Armand's handy work. He is a woodworker and a good one. If you need anything just email me and I can put you in touch with him. He made our name plate for the GMC that I posted earlier and does them for RV owners. Our's was a gift. They had us out for supper last night. Sure felt good to visit and have some great grub. Desert you ask? Oh yeas, chocolate chip cookies and ice cream.
Oh, 2011 Cobra, very nice. I once owned a 95 Cobra. The engine builder signs a plate that is attached to the tappet cover on the driver's side. Pretty neat. We should all wish to attach our name to everything we do.
It snowed on all of the surrounding mountains last night. I did not get a picture but take my word for it, was a very pretty drive to church this morning. We are in a valley. It was 60 degrees here when I went to bed last night, outside. We got a little wind and rain here at the coach.
Life is good, we will "fire" in the morning.


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