Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Happy Grandsons

Oh man, that old guy needs a shave. Maybe I can take care of that this weekend when Sam and I get home. The boys enjoyed riding the scooter. The little one rode too but with his granna holding hm on so we had no photographer.
It rained all night and is still raining now as I sit in Super 8 parking lot uploading this stuff here in Logansport. Am hoping for better weather Thurs so I am waiting to head south. What is the hurry anyway. A retired guy should be in no hurry, even tho he has been gone 4 months plus, from home. Teri is not coming home til next weekend so another day together. I like that.
I had a photo of my back yard from a neighbor. Seems it burned somehow. Just glad the house is still there. Will investigate that when I get home this weekend.
I do not expect to have wifi before I get home so may be Saturday when I get back on here. Teri will keep the camera so I wont have any photos until she arrives. I will then put more up. I think I can scan through some that I have omitted and find more interesting ones when I am at home, not on the side of the road looking for wifi.
So, everyone have a great day. Sam and I will leave early in the morning for Blaine's, 100 miles south of here. Work on the coach and head home Friday or Saturday. Will be about a 300 mile ride down mostly I-57 to the house. Hope to see you then and I really do appreciate everyone riding along with us on the 4 month, plus, trip in our GMC motor home. Dan


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