Friday, October 19, 2007

On The Road Again

And, here we go again. Left Dexter about 450 pm headed east. As we crossed the Mississippi I could see these thunderheads building behind us. Maybe we will beat'em. Drove across southern Il, over to Metropolis, before they caught us. Heading south on 24 it got worse. Just after we crossed the Lakes, we were out of the mess and everything was dry. We arrived in Clarksville, Tn. just a tad before 8 pm. Set up at Walmart and had supper. WOW, about 845 the rain came and the wind got way out of hand. Teri and I were in Walmart parking lot catching carts running 40 mph and heading them away from our coach and car. What a nite. This lasted about 10 minutes, and the carts were all past us and in the grass. We came in and tried to dry off. Had to go back out and move a bunch of the carts because they had blocked the drive and folks were nearly hitting us as they drove through. One of the cart holders had broken loose from the pavement and blocked the road. Another motor homer helped me move the thing. What a nite. We stayed glued to Bowling Green's tv station watching the storm pass. I sure wished we had waited til Fri to leave home but all is well now. We sit comfortably in the trees at a KOA campground here in Nashville. Take a look at what we do at these gatherings. I included a picture here somewhere of a bunch of "thinking" going on. Thanks for coming along. We hope this ride will be a nice one. We have plans for the Natchez Trace in a week or so. Hurry back, dan

Oh yea, look what I got. Nice Scooter. I like Buses too.


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