Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Back Again

Teri arrived back home Saturday. We rested up a couple days and then took this little guy with us, in the coach to a local lake, about 30 miles away. He really thought he was roughing it, ha. He enjoyed sitting in the Captain's Chair and trying on his grandpa's shoes, among other things. Teri and I had fun too. I knew the kids would not forget us just because we were gone for 4 months.
We will stay parked, here at home, for another week. We will head over into Tennessee and Alabama next weekend, for a couple weeks. That should be a lot of fun. We have grown accustomed to the "gypsy life", so much, that I am in the coach now as I write this.
We do want to thank everyone along our 4 month journey. We have so many family and friends that we really paid for full hookups only 2 nights during the trip. Some have even invited us to come back. I think it will be more fun the second go around, this winter and spring. We certainly had a trip of a life time but we planed it to be our first of many. Maybe we can do the east coast one of these days. I will check out the cheap campgrounds out that way and see if I can make some new friends out there too, ha. Just kidding.
The good thing about a motor home is that they can be made pretty self sufficient. Just a little work here and there and we were able to hang out just about anywhere for over a week with no need for water or dumping the tank. I am working on improving that too. The solar system is where folks need to be investing their money if they want to "hang out" without hookups, and stay where the sun shines at least half the day. The only real problem we had there was when we were at Bert and Fay's in the Redwoods. The sun shined alright but only for an hour, on us at noon. Those trees are big. I have that covered for our next trip too.
So, just because we are home for a few days, don't think I am done with the blog. If you have any questions about our trip, or about anything we did to prepare our coach, just hollar. I don't know much but I do know where to look for information.
As always, thanks for stopping by and come back. There will be more. You guys made it worth all the time I spent rambling on here. Dan
Oh, I almost forgot. Teri got her 50th birthday card today. How appropriate.
And, another thing I forgot to mention, Mileage on the rigs.


At October 16, 2007 at 9:25 PM , Blogger BehavenPaPa said...

enjoyed reading your travel log.
We've had our GMC 2 years and have put 16,000 miles on it. We have been talking about crossing Canada and return thru the states -starting in June of 08. I am interested in : 1.what you set up for solar power.
2.Hauling the scooter and pulling a car - would you do it again or leave one or the other behind.
3. any difficulties hauling #2.

We are in White Rock BC - at the US Canadian Border and belong to the Cascaders. Great group.
Born Again for more than 30 years - have 4 married Daughters, 12 Grandchildren and 1 great Granddaughter. Hope to meet up in the near future.
Dwayne Jacobson

At October 19, 2007 at 12:10 PM , Blogger Dan & Teri Gregg said...

Email me. I can answer all of your questions.



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