Saturday, September 29, 2007

Friends Along the Way

What a ride. Teri and I are so fortunate to have friends like we do. I spent two great days at Blaine and Diane's this week and had another friend, Ken, there too. They sure spoiled Sam. I left Teri in Logansport Thursday and headed to Blaine's for some work on the coach. Teri will come home next Saturday, after Grandparent's Day at school. We worked and visited and rode around for two days at Blaine's. He owns 5 GMC motor homes and has a very nice shop with a lift. He cut my old hitch off and installed me a new one that he makes. We just had a great time. I am so blessed with friends. It must be my smile.Ha. I soaked up so much knowlege from Blaine and Ken. We sat in the shop last night visiting til midnight. Diane fed me a big breakfast, Sam too, and we left about 830 am headed to Dexter. We had a couple little minor problems but we took care of them and just kept coming. Sam was so glad to see the house. She ran straight to the door and has not gone outside yet.
I am home, but not done with my blog so come back soon. I will fill you in on a few more things and when Teri gets back I should have more pictures. Boy, supper was good tonite. Brand new box of ice cream topped off with some hot chilli meat that our daughter sent home with me. When you get old you can eat dessert first if you want. Teri and I will be taking off again soon for Tennessee so I will keep you posted on that too. Have a great evening and come back soon. I love company. Dan


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