Friday, May 16, 2008

Do You Remember When?

If you do then there is a good chance that you are older than me. I saw one of these Whizzers once. It went by our farm at a rather rapid pace. I could not get close but it was a Whizzer. I suspect I was 12 years old. When I saw how fast that kid could go on a motorized bike I knew I was about to get rid of my pedals.
There was a Sears Alstate Compact for sale at the local Otasco store. 25.00. That was a lot of money back then. My brother and I pooled our money and we were 6 dollars short. Not a problem, we sold our sister's bike for 6 bux. That started my love affair with "faster than a bike" machines.
I could get that thing up to 30 mph which was fast enough on a gravel rode. We rode the fire out of that thing. The horses could not figure out just what it was. I mean I was buzzing all over the barn lot with it. I just kept trading up. The last bike I had as a kid I swapped a horse for it. 1966 Bridgestone, 175. It was a piece of junk.
So, if you ever saw a new one of these you are creeping past middle age now. This one is on display at the local license bureau. The sign says that it is not restored but in new condition as it was when purchased. It looks brand new.
Drove the Jeep down to my cousin's farm this morning. Picked up some cotton seed for a yankee friend in Inidana. I had planned to take some photos of my old home place but decided not to. Just our machine shed still standing. Everything else is long gone. My dad sold the farm in 1980 and the house burned the next year. Was a nice farm house that dated back to pre depression years. Dad turned the churning room into an indoor bath before we moved out there. My mom, a local high school english teacher, said she was not raising her kids in a house with no bath. Thanks mom.

Here you can see why I had to wash the car again today. These clouds opened up and got me good earlier in the week. Had a fresh wash job on the car too. Oh well, can wash and dry the little Vibe in 15 minutes anyway.

Saturday can not come fast enough for Sam and me. Teri is flying into St. Louis and we will be there waiting on her. Will be good to have her back home. We really miss "the boss". House looks pretty good. I will give it a "once over" this evening. Teri is a picky house keeper. I don't want to disappoint her. I even made the bed one morning. The cover was so tore up I could not cover up again so had to do it. It will be made and wrinkle free when she comes in tomorrow evening. We must hurry home as the allstar Nascar race is tomorrow night.
Oh, is there anyone out there that would like to see a good solar writeup? It is several pages long but well worth your reading if you ever plan to run solar on your rv. I have posted it before and got about 75 requests then. Should anyone desire to see it just let me know. Be sure to put "solar" or "blog" in the title of your email to me or I won't open it. gregg_dan at .
Sam and I are taking a route through the country tomorrow on our way to pick up Teri. Hope to get some photos. We will be in the very southeastern Ozarks. I have a new GPS program that a friend sent me and I want to try it out on the way.
Thanks for dropping in. As always, I enjoy your company, especially this week since Teri is gone. Will look for you again soon.


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